Landscape Design

Our office eagerly accepts any size project.

We believe everyone deserves a well designed environment, no matter if it’s a small patio or multi-acre property. Our design process itself is adapted to your project, and depending on the complexity, will affect how in-depth our scope will be. We handle such tasks as: Initial site inventory and analysis, site-specific plant palette development, cohesive brand development for commercial properties, design of custom hardscape elements (bbq’s, fire features, water features, etc.,) new and updated irrigation systems, low voltage lighting systems, 3D renderings, construction documents, and consulting on plant species specifications.

Being set in the Sonoran Desert, the unique climate, elevation, and biome allows us a very particular plant palette. We use tried and tested plants that thrive in the valley to accommodate a wide range of design styles. We integrate native and drought tolerant plants into our design concepts.  Color combinations, foliage contrast, simplicity, repetition of form and texture, and sculptural components are represented in all our work regardless of the scale of the project. Our designs use an extensive palette of succulents, cacti, shrubs, and wildflowers to capture the essence of botanical harmony with cutting edge design.  We continually strive to make each design experience client specific and incorporate new ideas and concepts into each project.

The design process.

Our goal is to maintain a close relationship with our clients throughout the longevity of the project. The design process starts with an initial consultation to review your project and define the scope of the services we would need to provide. After this meeting, we send over a design contract for your approval to begin our services. From here we do a site analysis, brainstorming in-office, schematic design, and come up with an initial planting & hardscape plan.  After we present this design, we take your feedback, and do further design development to ultimately present your ideal landscape.