About Us

Core Values

We believe in maintaining a work environment for our employees that is both rewarding in their own financial goals and in the development of their own creativity. We have incorporated key core values that hold the spirit of who we are and what we stand for.

  • Start each day with what is possible, and maintain a focus on innovation
  • Be accountable, take ownership to the good and bad things life brings to the table
  • Never take anything personal. Constructive criticism is part of the growth process
  • Take the extra five minutes to ensure quality and results are up to our standards
  • Remember, you can choose at any point how its going to go, and choose how you respond to it

Design Principals

We believe in designing site-specific spaces that integrate natural elements with local and exotic plants to create outdoor environments that are connected to the surrounding desert and are extensions of the interior and exterior architecture of the residence and local community.

  • Horticultural approach to plants
  • Extensive understanding of historical design styles, and application to the native desert
  • Creative, site-specific approach to design
  • Environmental and social responsibility
  • Water conscious design, implementation, and maintenance
  • Attention to consistency and detail
  • Long-lasting client relationships