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xe·ro·phyt·ic [zeer-oh-fit-ik], adj. -

(from Greek xero dry, phuton plant) pertaining to a species of plant that has adapted to survive in an environment with little water, such as a desert.

Xerophytic Design, Inc is an environmentally conscious landscape design/build firm based in Phoenix, Arizona, USA. Our goal is to be a leader of well-designed environments that balance beauty and sustainable living in the Sonoran Desert.

Balance, beauty, sustainability, harmony & art.

  • Our approach harmoniously mixes natural forms with artistic flair. 
  • Our site-specific designs integrate hardscape elements with local and exotic plants to create outdoor environments that blend the interior and exterior architecture of a residence.
  • Our plant palette takes into account our unique climate, balancing site limitations with opportunities. 
  • Our extensive understanding of historical design styles allows us to provide a variety of concepts and looks. 
  • We integrate low-water-use desert plants with tropicals and perennials to create new variations on time-honored design concepts.

Everyone deserves a well-designed environment.

Our landscape designers are equipped to handle every project phase, from initial concepts, to construction documents, to installation and long-term maintenance. 

Our innovative, commercial and residential landscape design concepts, integrate natural beauty and artistic elements, harmoniously tying interior and exterior spaces together.

We believe that everyone deserves a well-designed environment, and we work with each client to create what works best for their site, budget, and personal style.


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